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For every stage in life.

What if you could visit or have a home that would accommodate anyone at any age, any physical ability at any time? How cool would that be? That’s what we’re doing here at Aging In Place Podcast.

Why me? Because I am a Doctor of Psychology and I specialize in physical spaces and health and wellness. Also, I love designing with intent at any age.

Why now? Because we, the baby boomers want to age in place gracefully and we want our families around us as much as we can.

And why you the audience? Because we want you to experience what it’s like to have a home that’s safe, aesthetically pleasing, and that you can live in at any age with any ability at any time.

I’d like to introduce you now to Aging in Place Podcast for every stage in life.

Every week, we will have new episodes with exciting interviews.

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Who are we


Dr. Debi Lynes has an extensive career exploring the relationship between the physical environment and its influence on health and wellness. She has combined her 30 years of experience as an interior designer and 15 years in private counseling to hone her practice and is now respected as an expert in her fields.

She is also a well-regarded television host of Lynes on Design, airing for 15 years, and Healthy Living, on-air for the last 8 years and Girl Talk.

Dr. Lynes completed her Ph.D. in Human Services and Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on counseling psychology, facilitative and supportive design as well as eating disorders and child and adolescent behavior. She is certified in CBTI in the field of sleep disorders and insomnia.

In 2009, utilizing her skills as a facilitative and supportive designer as well as a counselor, Dr. Lynes founded Tulifinny Preserve of the Lowcountry, a Continuum of Care for adolescent girls post-stage one treatment for eating disorders, substance abuse, and co-occurring disorders. This continuum of care facility implemented the elements of supportive and facilitative design as well as best practices in the field and served adolescents.

Since 2011, in addition to her private counseling practice, Dr. Lynes has focused her energy on becoming an educational consultant and placement specialist for children adolescents and young adults in need of special programming services.

To date, Debi has served over 60 clients and referred to over 35 programs.

Dr. Debi is also a professional member of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals and a CEDS, certified eating disorder specialist. She is also a member of the Academy for Eating Disorders.

Most recently DR. Lynes has extended her expertise to Aging in Place and is a CAPS specialist….Certified Aging in Place Specialist. She is in development at this time on FREUDIAN SLIPCOVERS…creating a lifelong home and environment, A program that focuses on psychology, safety and design features that make your home “lifelong”

Debi and her husband, Mike have 3 children, 9 grandchildren and a host of therapeutic pets.

Email Debi with questions and if you want to be interviewed about Aging in Place for any stage in life.


Tracy Snelling

Tracy  Snelling

I retired 3 years ago after 34 years in the medical field and moved 4 states away to South Carolina. Originally a small-town girl from Ohio, I now live in the Lowcountry. I have 3 grown children (even though none of us will ever grow-up) and 5 wonderful grandchildren.(I’m called Ne-Ne). I love to re-purpose furniture and people (LOL). I’m always digging around for that “diamond in the rough” piece.  I love making things simple for those who search for a peace of mind. 



Henrik de Gyor

Henrik de Gyor is a consultant who assists, advises and advocates for clients across a wide variety of mid-size organizations to Fortune 500 companies. Previously, Henrik has worked within the fields of advertising, automobiles, education, finance, journalism, medical manufacturing, marketing, media, retail, and technology.

Henrik is an active podcaster with several shows and a writer with several published books. 

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